Open Relationships & Polyamory



We don't have to define love how society tells us to anymore.

Times have changed, people have evolved and everyone LOVES a different way.

Some couples decide that they want to have sex with other people, some decide they want to try and have relationships with other people and others are still trying to figure out what might work best for them.  The reality is that a relationship between 2 people can be hard enough...bring even more into the mix and things can get very…..complicated.


I can help you set guidelines, boundaries, open dialogue, and teach you the effective communication tools that will improve your chances at a healthier and more fulfilling experience. 


Some of the reasons why you might want to work with me include


* You want to learn how to discuss opening your relationship with your partner


* You are in an open relationship or polyamorous and are struggling with jealousy

* You need help establishing boundaries and guidelines 

* Your weekend swap was a disaster and need help getting back on track 

* You would like to improve communication with your partner(s) 

*Need to settle disputes in a safe environment


Contact me for a free consultation to see if you may benefit from my services. 

I hold a Master's Degree in Counseling , a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology . I am a Certified Sex Coach and Licensed in Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor .  I am a Texas native currently "keeping it weird"  with my cat Buffy in the amazing city of Austin. I have experience in many settings aside from private practice including inpatient crisis centers,  community mental health centers,  provide consultation to a Fortune 500 company and low cost counseling to the local LGBT community at OutYouth Austin.  

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Carlos Cavazos , MA, LPC

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